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Master Toddy

The Grand Master. A Legend with over 50 years of Experience! Well known of his great ability & expertise to advance his student's psychological strength, accuracy and fighting technical ability.

Ajarn Dieselnoi

The "King Of The Knee" with an extremely impressive fighting record, was the undefeated Lumpinee Stadium Lighweight Champion (1981-85)
Master O

Master O

Senior instructor at the academy and often instructs private classes to beginners needing extra levels of attention on their technique. Master O is also in charge of student satisfaction; ensuring that your training is as enjoyable as possible.

Ajarn Singh

An experienced fighter and trainer with over 200 Muay Thai fights. Ajarn Singh specialises in powerful knee strikes and clinching techniques.

Ajarn Korn

Arjarn Korn teach Muay Thai for many years.... And has helped to produce Muay Thai and Boxing champions. Ajarn Korn will make you very comfortable, teach you in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a great smile and you will enjoy every minute of your lesson!
Arjarn Taem

Arjarn Taem

Fought in Muay Thai & Boxing. He will help you to master your foot step, defense especially on how to put quickness with power in all of your weapons.