People on TripAdvisor Rated Muay Thai at Master Toddy's Academy as the #1 MOST FUN thing to do in Bangkok!

People's Testimonies

“For many years I HAVE DREAMED about GOING TO MASTER TODDY´s Gym and have a go at MUAY THAI. I WAS LUCKY enough TO MEET the LEGEND himself, and he was SO FRIENDLY and KIND. MASTER TODDY and all the staff really MADE US FEEL WELCOME.”
- Asgeir J.

"My husband does some recreational MUAY THAI at home and WANTED a REAL THAI EXPERIENCE during our VACATION in Thailand. That REALLY worked out at MASTER TODDY's! We were welcomed VERY FRIENDLY and the private lesson with Korn was GREAT! Also, VERY QUICK response to E-MAILS and a good explanation of the private lesson before BOOKING."
- Suzanne V.

“Master Toddy Muay Thai is an AUTHENTIC gym, with SKILLED TRAINERS who make sessions FUN FOR ALL, no matter what your skill or FITNESS level is. If you want to TRY out MUAY THAI while you are in Bangkok, don't go anywhere else.” - Emma S.

"MASTER TODDY Academy is a GREAT PLACE to start or GET ADVANCED Muay Thai TRAINING. All the INSTRUCTORS are very PROFESSIONAL and very KNOWLEDGEABLE. I RECOMMEND this training for anyone INTERESTED in LEARNING Muay Thai."
- Jon B.


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Visa Blog

VISAIf you’re Foreigner, you’re not a Thai Citizen, of course you need a visa, you just have to call 02-743-3371 her name is Put she’s professional and she can speak English, well enough to explain to you, on how to have an opportunity to train Muay Thai with 5 years visa, about what the conditions…
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Facilities – News & Blogs

FACILITIESOur facility is in the heart of the right side of Bangkok. It’s not too far from BTS (The Train Stations), MALLS & MARKETS. It’s easy to access from the freeway, motor way, high ways, everywhere. We are in the middle of everything, so easy to come.   In our gym, we have a training…
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Equipment – News & Blogs

Equipment Equipment for us is so important, people say you have to use the right tool.You cannot use the saw for metal to cut woods, you cannot use the saw for woods to cut metals, you cannot use the drill for woods to drill steels, you cannot use drill for steels to drill woods. That’s…
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Private Lesson – NEWS & BLOGS 19-11-2018

Private Lesson Private lesson is one on one with one of our Masters, he will teach you step by step. He will make sure you understand. We have a system and grading level. So he will know which level you are. HE WILL TEACH YOU & HE WILL SHOW YOU!   The Private Lesson is…
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