Bangkok Gym

Live and train in the heart of Bangkok convienentaly located near the Bearing BTS station Master Toddys Bangkok location is well suited to the traveler seeking a true thailand training experience. Train amongst thai fighters and other likeminded visitors who wish to learn from the best the right way while being close to the city life

Master Toddy 2 Phetchaburi Gym

Phetaburi beach gym, live and train in nature. Only 2km away from Master Toddy 3 Beach gym,

Phetchaburi gym is located in a rural setting where you can focus on your training and be closer to the traditional Thai lifestyle. Come to Phetchaburi and stay in one of the luxury rooms or live in the fighter dorm and immerse yourself in the lifestyle of a fighter, Phetaburi has something for everyone!

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Master Toddy 3 Beach Gym

Coming soon 2023!