bangkok gym


Bangkok Gym

Live and train in the heart of Bangkok convienentaly located near the Bearing BTS station Master Toddys Bangkok location is well suited to the traveler seeking a true thailand training experience. Train amongst thai fighters and other likeminded visitors who wish to learn from the best the right way while being close to the city life

pricing & Packages

Rooftop Private Dorm Rooms

Starts From ฿ 1000

Muay Boran Room

Starts From ฿ 1350

Fighter's Dorm Single Bed

Starts From ฿ 600

Fighter's Dorm Double Bed

Starts From ฿ 700

Private Double Bed

Starts From ฿ 1100

pricing & Packages

Private rooms

Muay Boran

Starts From ฿ 1350

Boxing room

Starts From ฿ 1,100

Private room

Starts From ฿ 900


Roof Dorm

Starts From ฿ 1000

Fighter dorm

Starts From ฿ 700

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