Female Fighters

Women and the Muay Thai Tradition

Many women are surprised when they discover that the Women Muay Thai tradition was so biased against women in Thailand. Master Toddy is a pioneer in this area and instrumental in bringing more talented female fighters into this sport. He believes it will be good for Muay Thai overall, to help it grow bigger, faster…

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Gina Carano and Master Toddy – The Beginning

This November we hosted a reunion of Master Toddy’s old students at the Academy. I took the opportunity to sit down with Master Toddy and Dick James and asked them what it was like back in the early days of Gina Carano and Fight Girls.

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Muay Thai Gym Insights: an Interview with Emma Thomas

A regular fighter for Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Gym, Emma Thomas is without a doubt one of the key people to talk to for advice before coming to any Muay Thai Gym to train – especially if you are a female fighter, but not only! As a female British expat who has lived and trained at a Muay…

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