Muay Thai in MMA

When you talk about Muay Thai, you talk about fighting no matter what. Even other Martial Arts like Boxing, Karate and Taekwondo and so on, nothing beats Muay Thai in competition. Muay Thai is happening every day in Thailand. It is everywhere. Every temple fairground to organised fights right through to different cultural celebrations, it’s…

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Jason David Frank gets Muay Thai Instructor Certificate in Thailand

Last year we had the pleasure of having Ajarn Jason David Frank, professional mixed martial artist and actor, most well-known for his portrayal of Tommy the Green/White Ranger on the television classic Power Rangers. Watch this episode of Jason David Frank’s new show, “My Morphin Life”, which is about his coming to Thailand to get his…

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Muay Thai Gym Insights: an Interview with Emma Thomas

A regular fighter for Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Gym, Emma Thomas is without a doubt one of the key people to talk to for advice before coming to any Muay Thai Gym to train – especially if you are a female fighter, but not only! As a female British expat who has lived and trained at a Muay…

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