Gym Updates

Phetchaburi Accommodation & Updates

ACCOMMODATION 5 YEARS EDUCATION VISA Visas TRAIN BY LEGENDS • WE HAVE OVER 10 ROOMS• WINE BAR• GYM FACILITIES• SHOP• LAKE – PLACE TO RELAX, FISHING AND SWIMMING Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy PETCHABURI, THAILAND BRANCH Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy (Petchaburi Branch) “Master Toddy Builds this for an Hard core Training, so he makes…

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Private Lesson | Kids Class Self-Defense Training

Special Course For KIDS We would like to teach your kid to be smart, learn self-defense and Muay Thai. Street smart self-defense will teach you how to take care and protect yourself. Especially a girl will know how to handle with stranger because Master Toddy himself taught Politician’s children in the United States. We will…

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I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to adopt your Muay Thai Curriculum into my school. As you know I was very hesitant in doing so as it was totally different to what I have been teaching. Since we first met in 2009 when you visited my school in Sydney Australia you showed and…

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