Footwork like a Tiger: The 4 Styles of Muay Thai Movement

Are you ready for Master Toddy’s insights on Muay Thai footwork? This latest addition of Master Toddy’s Training Tips and Secrets should be read standing up! When I’m in the corner, 90 percent of my fighters win the fight. That’s because I make sure they use the right kind of footwork to defeat their opponent.

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Fight Preparation

The other day I caught up with Master Toddy in his office at the Academy and asked him to share his thoughts on fight preparation. This is what he had to say: Preparation is the key word of success in anything, no matter what you do, not just fight preparation. Cooking, building, or fighting, it…

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Muay Thai Techniques and Secrets – The Eyes of the Tiger as a Key Technique

One of the key Muay Thai techniques that we learn at Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy is the “Eye of the Tiger”… No, we don’t sing a popular 80s tune, although you’re probably singing it in your head already. We practice “Tiger Eyes” – stare your opponent down, see who blinks first. Build confidence. Intimidate. Don’t…

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