Women and the Muay Thai Tradition

Many women are surprised when they discover that the Women Muay Thai tradition was so biased against women in Thailand. Master Toddy is a pioneer in this area and instrumental in bringing more talented female fighters into this sport. He believes it will be good for Muay Thai overall, to help it grow bigger, faster…

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Muay Thai With Monks! Temple Training in Thailand

Master Toddy here. I’d like to say thank you to everyone in the whole world who wished me a Happy Birthday. I had a very good time and I have something incredible to give to everyone. Over the weekend I was invited to meet a Buddhist monk at his temple… I did not want to meet…

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Thai Boxing Experience in Thailand: My first 4 weeks

6 months ago I had my own flat, a respectable job with good career prospects, a car and a decent social life with some great friends. I also had my Thai boxing. Still I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that something was missing. My feet were getting itchy…

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