Cycling and Boxing Thailand

Michael Lars Godde, a talented musician who just struck a life changing record deal has come to South East Asia.

On an adventure riding his bicycle throughout Thailand, Michael searches for a healthier lifestyle controlling his mind and body. Cycling through Thailand will give you life-long memories but Michael thought something different would really help him to finally understand what he desperately needs. A look at the more intense side of The Land of Smiles, rigorous exercise and training, controlling of yourself and your opponent; Thailand’s national sport of Muay Thai.

“Upon my arrival at Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy, I set my bicycle against the fence and cautiously opened the gate quietly as I did not want to disturb the fighters training. I felt really out of place- guys that had muscles and six-packs were pounding on the punching bags. Girls were having an intense pad session in the boxing ring. I looked at my skinny body wearing hipster shorts and tie-dye color tank top, and thought I had made the wrong decision.”Michael said and continued to pace the gym eager to jump right in and show Master Toddy what he was capable of producing.

Group sessions at Grand Master Toddy’s Academy run twice a day. In the morning everyone starts and 7:30AM sharp. Stretching with the trainers and tiger eyes with a partner. When warm ups are finished the trainers tie rope to make four small boxing rings in the main ring. Here, sparring and pad training happen-for the ones who are ready.

“I was glad that an instructor came to me and told me I didn’t have to go in there just yet,” Michael said with a smile. ” I was brought to the side, where for the rest of the time the trainer taught me one on one: 11 cobra punches, devastating knee blows, and a killer round-house kick made to take someone’s head off.” He loved it. Was he ready for the second session in the afternoon?

“My arms are sore and I can not walk!” But that didn’t stop Michael from training. Four in the afternoon right on time Michael was stretching in the ring, this time with the fierce eyes of a tiger. He blasted through warm ups shadow boxing for three rounds,  high knee walks, sit ups and much more. It was like a game to Michael. He liked the pain and he was a warrior pushing through. He took some time pad training with an instructor, hit the punching bag a few rounds, did a burnout session and the day was over.

I took Michael to get food, and spent some time sparring and training with him. He is very dedicated to his music, and showed ambition his three days training at Grand Master Toddy’s. Michael’s last morning was his favorite. After warm ups Master Toddy spent an hour with Michael reviewing and critiquing his form. For the hour with personal training with Master Toddy, Michael felt important to the gym, and knew he had a home right here in Bangkok. He stated the trainers were more than knowledgeable about the art of Muay Thai and if you wanted to bring your fighting to the next level, this was the place to get your training.

“10 out of 10 Stars! I will be back!” This was the last words I heard from Michael as he peddled his bicycle to his next mind-opening experience.