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Equipment for us is so important, people say you have to use the right tool.
You cannot use the saw for metal to cut woods, you cannot use the saw for woods to cut metals, you cannot use the drill for woods to drill steels, you cannot use drill for steels to drill woods. That’s why equipment need to be right. Ex.  The boxing gloves you need to form your hand in to the fist, the knuckle will come out easier, so you don’t use the middle knuckle to hit.

Your wrists need to be strong. You need to protect your wrists well. Our gloves made for Muay Thai and for Boxing. We made differences. You need to block the Kick coming to your head with the gloves by using the back of the gloves, it can take punishment, so the wrists is no longer than normal. The thing is, other gloves, even that gloves you use will have smell very fast.

We use special type of material, the skin is waterproof, have tongue inside the gloves, so when you use it, it absorbs the sweat, after that pull out the tongue from the installation of the gloves to pull out the smell and get dry.

Every material, in every part of the gloves were made for different kicking bags. You must know what kind of techniques to use. Our gym is variety, different bag, different area, different technique, ex. You need to do the leg kick, go to the long bag but when you go to do knee strikes, you cannot use the long bag for the knees. We use the body bag to practice the knee, it will be more like with a human, when you do roundhouse kick, there’s also a perfect bag for you, so you can improve your kicks and feel enjoy at the same time because the bag is dent. So keep going to the ‘same pocket’ to build up your sharpness and to land it perfectly. Every single bag, every single boxing gloves, every single equipment has a unique design to land strikes effectively and make your training easier & safer.

We have hard & soft for any levels, we have soft for the beginners, we have soft for kids, we have soft for adults and when you get better, it’s getting harder, even to the man, we start to the soft, medium and hard. That way people will enjoy, not to get hurt so much from the training.

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