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Our facility is in the heart of the right side of Bangkok. It’s not too far from BTS (The Train Stations), MALLS & MARKETS. It’s easy to access from the freeway, motor way, high ways, everywhere. We are in the middle of everything, so easy to come.


In our gym, we have a training area with full boxing ring 7 meters by 7 meters, Area where you can practice techniques. We have some weights, a lot of kicking bag variety, different bags to use, the long bag, the tear bag, that Thai bag, the body bag and the speed bag. Different bag, for different techniques and you can enjoy.

We’re not far from the ocean, so we have the ocean breeze coming in very often, so we don’t breath too much pollution. Anyway! In our facilities, we have boxing ring, we have all needed equipment for students, we have 2nd building where bed rooms were made for tourists who come and go for a week, 2 weeks or 2 months, we have economy class fighter dorm, of course made for fighters. In these area we have private rooms, some of them have Bank bed, Air condition, bathroom, living room for fighters and TV.

The Dorm is comfortable and perfect for the fighter because we have quite a lot of fighter from Around The World or even a Thai Champions come to stay. Clean your mind and stay focus with our gym. In other side of the 2nd building which I mentioned, we have luxury room & Muay Boran room an Ancient Boxing Theme Room, If you want to be focus & to feel the spirit of a Thai warrior, Muay Boran room will be the best and “The Father Of Muay Thai” Nai Khanomtom picture and his statue was displayed in the room, with bamboos and appliances, everything you need, Fridge, Kettle, Air condition, Television, WI-FI, you name it, we have it!. So you feel comfortable and after training you’ll feel relax.

We also have restaurant in house, people can order food & can deliver to your room, mostly organic food, so we help you out on staying in shape and eat good food to become, HEALTHY AS WELL.

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