Ajarn Keith Testimonial

Personal course with Grand Master and other legends

Arrive early 
Prepare for Monday Morning
Please wear Muay Thai Training Uniform
Briefing, distribution of handbook and syllabus

Monday (Day 1)
Start at 8:00am
We go through grade 1-2-3 because in these 3 grades have all grade basic system and you must look after your beginner well because the 1st 3 to 6 Month the student very delicate. Step by step system will help you to keep your beginner enjoy and stay longer with the grading system.

• Learn what kind of footwork for punch or knee or kick. Learn different kind of foot work.
• Different punch. 11 cobra punch set. Which kind of punch, where to land.
• All different kick and what kind of kick to use.
• And more

Tuesday (Day 2)
Day 2 is how to continue from grade 1-2-3 to the next level of 4-5-6 all this level is more advance and you must be good 1-2-3 to be able to do 4-5-6

Wednesday (Day 3)
Start to use different variety bag. Which bag to do better boxing drill, which bag for knee and round house kick drill and to all the equipment drill.

And preparation clinching before day 4

Thursday (Day 4)
Day 4 going to be different kind of clinching drill and different kind of knee afternoon we put together. This is a lot of gym fail that why we have step by step preparation on Wednesday to practice on Thursday.

Friday (Day 5)
We put everything together

 How to control sparring it’s the key of victory in Muay Thai.
 How to do all kind of pad work for class drill, private training drill and fighter drill
 Clinching and knee sparring
 Different kind of bag work and technique
 History of Muay Thai and Ram Muay
 Afternoon graduation ceremony with representative from Thailand department of sport and  other legends to pass your test

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You receive
•  Thai pads 
•  Instructor Uniform 
• Certificate Accredited by Thai Government
•  Prajiets set and Mongkon
•  License book
•  Half Price Accommodation

Benefit and extra income for you?

You able to grade your students and earn the extra income (suggested price 100usd per grade)

Order genuine certificate accredited from Thailand Government

Special instructor price on your order (Prajiets, Sash and student license passport)

Instructor discount for all the WIN Equipment

You become a partner with Master Toddy and you received special discount on your orders based on your referred customer expenses.

And many more

Instructor Course Video
Instructor Course Testimonial
Instructor Course Video
To become a certified Ajarn /Master you must follow the MTIA guidelines and be graded to be invited to become an Ajarn/Master of the Muay Thai. Below are the requirements
1. You must be Kru for at least 2 Years
2. You must own your own school
3. All your students must be graded under MTIA regularly
4. All your students have MTIA License Book
5. Every year must hold instructor license
6. Send us your number of students each year
7. Video of you teaching different classes example fighter class, children’s class etc,
8. Teaching your trainerhow to hold pads
9. Instructing/Teaching your trainer how to do private lessons.
10. Must have student(s) ranked in the World Ranking of Muay Thai Fighters
Benefits of becoming an Ajarn
Ajarn/Master can grade students up to 10th grade.
Learn to improve your students/fighters timing and accuracy
Learn how to train the students/fighters to find ‘pocket’ (target) in all situations.
Learn how best to ‘sharpen’ your students/fighters reaction time.
Receive training and qualification for Referee and Judge.
Receive a promoter license: you will be able to promote professional fight events (You must contact the authority in your city for the rules and regulations for hosting fight events.)
Learn Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong.
Learn how to set up Muay Thai Seminars and what you need to cover for each seminars.

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