Jason David Frank gets Muay Thai Instructor Certificate in Thailand

Last year we had the pleasure of having Ajarn Jason David Frank, professional mixed martial artist and actor, most well-known for his portrayal of Tommy the Green/White Ranger on the television classic Power Rangers.

Watch this episode of Jason David Frank’s new show, “My Morphin Life”, which is about his coming to Thailand to get his Ajarn Muay Thai Certificate:

Ajarn Jason David Frank is Master Toddy’s old student. This time around he came to complete his Ajarn Instructor Course to get MTIA certified as a Muay Thai Master Instructor. The MTIA (Muay Thai International Association) is accredited and overseen by the Thailand Government (Ministry of Education), and is an official authority on certification in the Muay Thai community.

We also had the pleasure of training Ajarn Jason David Frank’s wife, Kru Tammie Frank, and certifying her to Kru level. She also ended up fighting in Thailand for Master Toddy!

With such a highly-esteemed Muay Thai certificate, Ajarn Jason David Frank is now able to offer his students rankings and certificates from an MTIA (Muay Thai International Association) Master Instructor (Ajarn)

This is what Great Grand Master Toddy had to say about Ajarn Jason David Frank and his instructor course:

Master Toddy: 

I started with Ajarn Jason David Frank 10 years ago. He is always bringing a lot of energy, even one day I got him to teach a kids class in my gym in Las Vegas, and I was so impressed that we had a huge kids following right away, a lot of fans came to see him train and wanted to know if he’s a good fighter in real life. And he is. He took one Muay Thai fight and he won by knock-out in a couple of seconds. All the time I hear from him that his students grow, his business grows, because he follows the MTIA system.

Now he came back for an upgrade, this time with his wife, who had a Trainer certificate, and he had Kru. They both wanted to move up. I looked at his credentials, he became one of the best fastest growing Muay Thai gyms of all time. That shows that you are doing a good job. Once I asked him, is it you or is it the Power Rangers? He laughed, and he said Power Rangers – but it’s not. So many stars cannot handle so many students and growth that comes with the business of teaching.

He arrived with his wife with a big noise, after he opened the door from the car, and we knew Kru Jason David Frank is here. They wanted to train hard, like everybody else, and he received very hard training like everybody else too. When we complimented Tammie that she could be a great fighter, Jason took advantage and said, yes, we’ll organize fight for her in 3 days!

Kru Jason David Frank had to go through the different kinds of pad work. 5 levels of pad work, and the hardest one is level 5. He passed them all and then he had to go through the referee course. The chief referee who was training him said he did very well so he acquired a quick pass.

At the same time we were having so much fun, he made everybody laugh and enjoy in the training, as well as himself. That is why he made his business grow so fast. One of the drills in our course is you have to learn how to entertain your customer, entertain your student, with dignity and good taste. That is what we learn in the instructor course. You have to know that what you teach on Monday sets up the muscle that we will train the whole week. Because when we set up front-kick, this is the kind of exercise to make a front kick easier, higher, faster and not aching. And enjoy for the next day, and the next and next. You need to know what exercise for training roundhouse kick to make the body twist and turn, what exercise to stand on the balls of the feet, so your shin doesn’t ache, and then your students will train harder, learn faster and easier, and improve faster. This is how we have to do. It’s not just kick kick punch punch, not enough to win in our game.

In the Kru course, you can teach until grade 10, but in Ajarn course you have to know the game well. You have to know what students are doing right and wrong. You can see every single student’s level, how you’re going to be able to improve them, like if at the moment your body is too much to the side, I need to know how to square you… another student has to put his hand up so he needs to train specifically, the Ajarn has to know everything about how to make people improve quicker. Got to know how to look and remember everyone. I have a bad memory, but I can remember every student what they need: this one feet flat, this one hand down. Ajarn needs to be able to handle every situation, no matter if they train to fight, or fitness, or whatever their goal, they need to be able to handle everything.


Master Toddy:

Most people when they’re learning Muay Thai, they love the weapon, the punch, so when they spar, they don’t mean it but they will spar heavy. The Ajarn has to know how to handle it, how to set their mind and warm up and then spar lightly, to tell a story and entertain and then you want to learn, you don’t want to kill your friend. This kind of setting of training Ajarn has to know. Learn how to calm the student down, learn how to wind them up, say motivational words. You can raise up and down, and enjoy and you have to know about the breathing. That’s why in the last 30 seconds of each round we always speed up, but then when we finish we count to ten in Thai, and then I know who is tired because some can’t even speak the numbers, that is telling me that they are not fit enough to be in the ring yet.

Ajarn Jason David Frank understands all this very well. That’s why he’s successful in movies, because he knows what people needs and he meets that requirement, and this is one of the hardest things I teach in my Ajarn course!

Written by Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy

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