Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy


Master Toddy Gym is well known for the instructional system of teaching excellence because of the experience over 50 years of being a Grand Master. He showed result to the world because he trained over 40 World Champions in Muay Thai and also in Boxing. He involved in boxing with World Class fighters, training is unique because he trained people not to only stay on their style.

He trained people with different style and improve their main weapon.
He teach front kicks, long punches, and closer knee strikes. Some of them trained more in boxing, more kicking strikes, more of knee strikes depend on what students need. He have a unique way of teaching! He will encourage you, making sure you understand and know how to do it.

He have pattern on how to work basic to make the technique easier when you come into sparring, they know how to control. Control is the name of the game. He have systematic way of teaching & different program each week. In the morning we will train according to his program of that week and we continue it on afternoon and then on the next week of Monday he knew that people have day off, went for relax and had a good rest, so he makes a decision for every Monday morning, students will train lighter, to prepare student’s mind & body condition for another days of training, Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Step by step Classes, that people knew from the gym was how to warm up properly, train your eyes while doing eye contact with other student until you get the “Eyes of the Tiger.”

After that, you will do shadow boxing in the last 30 seconds. It will improve your breathing by doing 30 seconds knee strikes. You should also count and Breath a lot in the 1st 10 seconds of 1 minute rest in Thai Language (Thai lang. 1 sir/Nueng kup, 2 sir/Song kup, 3 sir/Sam kup to 10/Sip kup) with teachers and students who will teach you.

That way! It will help you for sparring sessions, when you get a strong eyes & a good breathing. During these time, Master Toddy is checking the students breathing, if they have a good breathing. To estimate & to find your partner in the same level.

You will learn how to land your attack into your target, how to control.
In another level, they know how to defend themselves using leg changing, blocks & foot steps to avoid injuries. The system is absolutely excellent, so no one get injured to enjoy training, learn faster. His eyes is always with student, example, when you did something wrong, he will show you on how to do it properly. He will look at you, to make sure you’re doing it.

Doing bag work somewhere, they don’t tell how to do bag work, only go go go.
But with Master Toddy, he makes sure what you need, ex. The famous Front Kick, the students will do it by doing bag work drills, learning the long distance, medium distance, short distance & footsteps. He makes a song for it, everyone from the gym knew it, Kup kup kup/tap tap tap huuush x3. These way is make sure you don’t fall after your 1st kick and get ready to throw the 2nd kick.

All that kind of drills, will level up your balance, your distance, your sight and power. These classes will give you knowledge for the next lessons on Monday to Saturday. Every week, each class has new techniques, drills, warm up differently for every muscles you use. These are unique & effective.

For some people who want more in life, who want to do more & progress fast, book a courses, like boxing 1st, until you can box well, know how to land weapon, know when to use punches, defending punch, long punches, after that you can book knockout course for 3 days. Knockout boxing course is so effective.

During sparring or fight, you can guess which weapon is coming to you, ex. When they use long knee, elbow or hook that’s the time you counter attack with knockout punch. In the day of your training, he will bring you the professional on that area, ex. Knee, Arjarn Sing is one of the best in Knee, to Arjarn Diesel Noi “The King of the Knee.” He will coach you, watch you and pass you when you pass the level. You will receive certificate in every courses you done.

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