The MTIA License Book is like a passport ID Card of Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Krabi Krabong and other.


  • To record all of your awards, grading and fights

  • Awards - to help make your students active and motivated

  • Register with MTIA Headquarters, where the records are kept.

  • The fight record will help the match makers find your student a same level fight.

  • The student record can give you a chance to award your student. 

  • Anywhere official record you can use to show your level anywhere in the world.

  • You can use the license book also to keep fight records of MMA and other styles.


Requirements: The school must have an MTIA certified Trainer, Kru, Arjarn or Master.

  • Updating MTIA gym affiliation license lets the Thailand Government know your school is still active on record.

  • The license will be hung on your gym's wall to show all your members your are an official MTIA affiliated gym. 

  • Your school will be at the top of the MTIA gym recommendation list for everyone to see and search for online.

  • Your school will recieve the official MTIA curriculum.

  • You will be given exclusive territory from the MTIA we will not let another MTIA school open close to yours. 

  • You will receive a store front decal of the offical MTIA logo for everyone to see.

  • Every year your gym will be up for rewards within the MTIA.