Muay Thai Certificate – Jason David Frank’s new episode released!

Jason David Frank recently released the 4th episode of his documentary show “My Morphin Life”. In the episode you can see him receiving his Muay Thai Certificate (Ajarn level), along with his wife Tammie Frank who fought for Master Toddy and received her Kru certification.

Mighty Morphin Superstar Husband and Wife work hard for Muay Thai Certificate

In the previous episode, you can see Jason David Frank and Tammie packing up for Thailand to work hard, train and receive their Muay Thai Certificates by completing our Instructor Course. Little did they know the surprises Master Toddy had in store for them, namely Tammie’s Muay Thai fight in Thailand!

Here’s what Master Toddy had to say about it:


They wanted to train hard, earn their Muay Thai Certificate like everybody else, and they received very hard training like everybody else too. To me it doesn’t matter if you’re a superstar, movie star whatever. You need to want to learn, and you need to work hard.

Then we compliment his wife that you could be a great fighter. And Jason took advantage and said, yes, we organize Muay Thai fight for her in 3 days. His wife said what what you crazy you kidding me right, and he said again yes I’m kidding you but at the same time I called the promoter, asked if anybody in this weight. He said perfect we have a Thai girl, looking for fight… here we go.

The wife shaking all the way through the travel to the stadium, and he lied to her all the time, telling her it’s not a fight, it’s just a Muay Thai show… then the bell go and the Thai girl started slamming her and punching her and everything, and she know she has to fight for her life. And the battle started, pow pow non-stop. The Thai girl took too much punishment from the superstar wife. The referee stopped the fight. Jason flew in the ring and gave her a big hug and kiss, it was spectacular!

We are very proud to have such wonderful students as Jason David Frank and Tammie. Nobody deserves this esteemed Muay Thai Certificate more than they do!


Written by Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy

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