Muay Thai: Journey to Bangkok – Part 1

The journey to Bangkok begins…

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and has been around for hundreds of years. Different versions of Muay Thai history exist, but it is well known that it was the primary and most effective method of self-defense used by Thai warriors in the battlefields of wars that occurred throughout the history of the nation, now known as Thailand.

It has fast become one of the most popular forms of Martial Arts throughout the world due to its uniqueness; if you watch any other Martial Art, there’s a certain charm about Muay Thai that captures you and leaves you in awe.

However, Muay Thai has more than just its charm. It’s exciting. It’s captivating. It’s dangerous; you can be knocked out with a knee strike, elbow strike, punch or by the feet. Because of this danger and lethal use of limbs, it doesn’t look like any other Martial Art and stands out by itself. When watching authentic Muay Thai, you can see why it has become so popular but still remain unique.

Thailand in the 1960’s for a young boy who lives, breathes and sleeps Muay Thai, it was always the ultimate dream to fight in Bangkok. They would start fighting at a young age, sometimes as young as 4 or 5, on the streets or in Buddhist temple fairgrounds. Although some may have had a trainer, it was very rare, so most boys would train themselves.

Anyone could become a fighter or a trainer; there were no ‘rules’ to become either. For a fighter to prove themselves, they would go to the local Buddhist temple fairground. Every temple in every district of Thailand had a fairground for entertainment, so every couple of months, boys who wanted to fight would go in hope that they would get picked to fight…