A Muay Thai Vacation in Thailand – “The Hangover”, Master Toddy Style

Following November 2014’s successful Muay Thai Reunion, in December another one of Master Toddy’s first-ever students, Ajarn Harry Warburton, decided to bring his family and students to reunite with his Grand Master, and treat his students to a Master Toddy Style Muay Thai Vacation in Thailand.

The experience was fantastic for everyone, and right before they left I sat down with Master Toddy and Ajarn Harry Warburton for a chat.

Ajarn Harry Warburton:

I came last year in 2013 to get my Ajarn Certification. I hadn’t seen Master Toddy for 20 years, and of course I was really excited to see my father again. So I came, I did the Ajarn certification course, and then afterwards I said next year I must come again with my school, Ayutthaya.


I came back this year with my students, a lot of them were excited but a little bit skeptical because it was their first time in Thailand. Everyone have said they had a fantastic time. We’ve been all around Bangkok, Phetchaburi, Hua Hin, and Sir has really taken care of us, it’s been absolutely fantastic.

What’s a Muay Thai Vacation in Thailand without some Crocodile Wrestling?

Master Toddy:

He not only went to the nightclubs and enjoyed himself, but he also went seeking tradition. He went to the temples Wat Arun, Wat Saket, Wat Pho. After that he went for the blessing to a temple, and he scared all his people by going to a crocodile farm and tried to put his students to wrestle with a crocodile, but no one…


Ajarn Harry Warburton (interrupting):

I told the students they could have 6 months free classes if they wrestled a crocodile, no one took it up.

So what’s this we hear about snake blood?

Master Toddy:

38 years ago, Ajarn Harry came to Thailand with me on our first Muay Thai Vacation, and we we went to the restaurant called Snake Restaurant. He didn’t believe what was going to happen. My father, who was still alive, when we sat down and were about to order food, he took all the menus away and said “I ate already”. He took everyone into the kitchen where they were hanging the cobras, and suddenly the guy took out a knife, sliced the cobra down, put a glass underneath, and first my father gave it to me and said: drink it. I said no dad, I don’t want to drink that. My dad said if you are my son, drink this! So I took the blood glup glup glup to show that I am his son, I love him. I never felt a taste so bad in my life. After I drank it I turned around and looked at ajarn Harry next to me, and said if you want to be my student, drink this.


Ajarn Harry Warburton:

Yeah, same as in Blackpool, if you want to be my student, run in the water. We all ran in and then ran out, it was minus 9!

Master Toddy:

Then he started drinking it, and they put a live snake heart, and they gave to Ajarn Harry and he ate it! And Ajarn Barry Norman was there also, and then everyone had a go at the snake blood, and eating everything raw and fresh, liver and everything, mixed with rice whiskey. Believe us, we don’t want to say much about what happened after.

Ajarn Harry Warburton:

Two side effects.

First side effect, for two days I was walking around with 3 legs.

Second side effect, I could see in the dark. Unbelievable. I swear I could see better in the dark. I was skeptical, but I swear it was pitch black and I’m walking in a straight line, all my students falling over things but I could see!

Master Toddy:

Then after he came back here he went to the snake farm to jog his memory, and he decided if he drinks again, he’ll have no students left.


Ajarn Harry Warburton:

So let’s bring back the memory when we trained in the ocean 38 years ago in Blackpool, in the Irish sea. It was November / December, and it was freezing. Master Toddy said anybody wants to be my student, has to run in the sea, in shorts, you swim! We’re all shaking, blue. We all ran as fast as we could, and then we all ran back as fast as we could, we never felt cold like that in all our lives. Completely opposite to the effect of the snake blood.


Master Toddy:

This time he took his students to Phetchaburi and trained in the sea, again. But this time it was nothing like Blackpool. The sun was clean, the sea was warm, a pleasant 28 degrees.


Then we stayed and had a great training morning in the sea, for the memories.

A Thai-style wedding to go with a Thai-style Muay Thai Vacation

Ajarn Harry Warburton:

Then at night time, a big surprise was the wedding for me and Tina, Thai-style wedding. We were already married in Germany, but I wanted to do something special for my wife who’s here with us, because she arranged everything, she arranged all the flights and sorted everything out. It was like to say thank you for putting up with me for 12 years now.


The wedding was great because the mayor of Phetchaburi came, with quite a few dignitaries from the government, and there was a great atmosphere, a very different kind of thing. Then we celebrated by having a big dinner on the beach, and after that we had a couple of drinks, and I can’t remember anything after that. I did go in search of some snake blood but I couldn’t find any.


Master Toddy:

The next day we’re in Hua Hin, 80 kilos further down south, trained in another gym, that was great. They looked after us very good, and then we went to see a fight in the countryside. They will never forget that night. No doctor, no lights, no nothing. They arrived home at 4 oclock in the morning. After the fight they went to a party with Thai style dancing!

On the way back we stopped at a famous gym, Itipiso, it’s a big temple, the biggest in Hua Hin and they have a Muay Thai gym there. We had a time to sneak in and look at all the equipment and everything.

Ajarn Harry Warburton:

Back to Bangkok, the last few days of our Muay Thai Vacation in Thailand shopping, sightseeing, relaxing and training. Eating. Lots of eating. Had a great training session with different techniques, structured, step-by step so the students each day went a step further so they go forward, they don’t stay on one level, each day is structured so that the student goes further and further towards the next level . In the weekend, everybody’s earned a break!

We’re not looking forward to going back to Germany because at the moment we have around 6 inches of snow and a temperature of around -12. I might get to the airport and conveniently find that I’ve left my passport back at the gym.


Written by Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy