Private Lesson – NEWS & BLOGS 19-11-2018

Private Lesson

Private lesson is one on one with one of our Masters, he will teach you step by step. He will make sure you understand. We have a system and grading level. So he will know which level you are.



The Private Lesson is very unique because he will work with you, spar with you, kick with you, basically he will do everything with you one on one. That way, you will learn faster and easier. You can also ask to do practice your weapon where you want to be good at, ex. You want to improve your Knee, do a private lesson for Clinching & Knee Strikes, so your knee will be excellent faster.

Example you trained somewhere and they’re just clinch you without learning and it takes so long, you got injuries, you got a lot of work for years & years and still learning the same thing because no one see your progress, no one see what you need next, no one know how to improve your weapon where you good at, that you should learn next.

This is our special unique teaching program, we also have a special private lesson for introduction, fundamentals for about 2 hours. In 2 hours, you need to learn different kinds of punches, which punch to use, which target you should land and the distance you should know. After that you’ll learn how to defend against the punches, when you can block the punch, you can block elbows.

Learn different kind of Elbow strikes, Knee strikes, Front kicks, Roundhouse Kicks and we will put together, we call it 1 step sparring, it’s not the same as usual sparring with students, it’s a one step with instructor so you will know when they kick, how many weapon you should throw with the left kick or the right.

That’s what you’re going to learn, you’ll have an idea. The benefits, you will understand quicker, faster and learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai in just 2 hours, absolutely perfect the program. It work for the people who don’t have time to visit our gym most of the time, that’s why we advising you to go with introduction private lesson that will show you a real Muay Thai.

The special thing is we also teach you kick the bag, so you can get a kicking bag at home, do what you learn on the bag correctly with power and enjoy. That is homework and in the near future, you want to continue, you just contact us, we find our member in your area, so private lesson is absolutely unique.

You will love it how the instructor be with you, train with you, enjoy with you and do exercise for breathing well, that will build your will power in any lifestyle. Just 2 hours could save your life and you will know how to work with yourself and in 2 hours you have homework to work in all your life, A GREAT EXERCISE.

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