Master Toddy’s Team Tour – Phetchaburi

By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | December 10, 2018


By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | November 26, 2018

SUCCESSFUL M.T.I.A IN GERMANY ARJARN HARRY WARBURTON Arjarn Harry Warburton Experience with Master Toddy: “My story begins some 41 years ago, when as a young 16 year old boy, I travelled to Manchester to look up a gym advertising full contact karate with the then champion Lance Lewis, and situated in Deansgate. I arrived early…


By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | November 26, 2018

SUCCESSFUL M.T.I.A IN TORONTO, CANADA Arjarn Ali Yassini Experience with Master Toddy: “Master Toddy’s Muay Thai System is a great way to implement a system which includes the Muay Thai teaching as well as the knowledge of growing your Muay Thai school. By establishing and following Grand Master Toddy’s teaching style and his knowledge of running…


By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | November 26, 2018
Ajarn Joe Ingrati

SUCCESSFUL M.T.I.A IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Arjarn Jai Christopher Ingrati Experience with Master Toddy: I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to adopt your Muay Thai Curriculum into my school. As you know I was very hesitant in doing so as it was totally different to what I have been teaching. Since we first met…

FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS! KOBADH “THE LION HEART” A 67 yrs old Fighter WON against 52 years old fighter.

By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | November 23, 2018

People always have excuse to do things, I’m too old to do this, I’m too old learn this, I’m too old to make this, everything. One of the great man, a sixty seven years old, An Elder Fighter of all Muay Thai fighters in the World, step in the ring to prove everyone that, never…

Visa News

By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | November 19, 2018

  VISA If you’re Foreigner, you’re not a Thai Citizen, of course you need a visa, you just have to call 02-743-3371 her name is Put she’s professional and she can speak English, well enough to explain to you, on how to have an opportunity to train Muay Thai with 5 years visa, about what…




Reviews People on TripAdvisor Rated Muay Thai at Master Toddy’s Academy as the #1 MOST FUN thing to do in Bangkok! People’s Testimonies “For many years I HAVE DREAMED about GOING TO MASTER TODDY´s Gym and have a go at MUAY THAI. I WAS LUCKY enough TO MEET the LEGEND himself, and he was SO…
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WE CAN GET YOU 1-5 YRS ED VISA. We are very honoured to be a representative of the Thailand Government’s, Ministry of Education. It took us a number of years to prove to the Thailand Government that our teaching system is up to international standards. We are now classed as a University, and therefore you…
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Tips for Students

Tips for Students This page is full of useful information to help you.We’re looking forward to having you come and train with us. Bookings All training and accommodation must be booked in advance via email, phone or stopping by the office. We will require a deposit to secure your place with us, which is easily…
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Accommodation The Muay Boran Room Eat, breath, train and sleep in our luxury rooms. With our authentic decor, you can truly feel the spirit of ancient Muay Thai. Staying in our rooms will help you maintain your focus for your training and fights. This particular room (pictured – our “Muay Boran” room) has been stayed in by many…
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