Master Toddy meeting with Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha

Today Master Toddy will meet Prime Minister Prayut Chan O Cha to represent all the people of “Muay Thai.”  Thohsaphol Sitiwatjana is a Thai-American martial artist and Muay Thai instructor. Thosophon has been a Muay Thai instructor since the age of 16 and has trained over 40 world champions over 5 decades. Wikipedia Prayut Chan-o-cha is…
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Muay Thai Instructor Course in Thailand – How and Why to Do It

By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | January 21, 2015

Every month, people come to Bangkok, Thailand from all over the world to get certified in the MTIA Muay Thai Instructor Course by Master Toddy himself, who certifies them to Trainer, Kru and Ajarn levels. Afterwards they go back to their countries to spread the beautiful art of Muay Thai, and they teach Muay Thai in…

A Muay Thai Vacation in Thailand – “The Hangover”, Master Toddy Style

By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | January 13, 2015

Following November 2014’s successful Muay Thai Reunion, in December another one of Master Toddy’s first-ever students, Ajarn Harry Warburton, decided to bring his family and students to reunite with his Grand Master, and treat his students to a Master Toddy Style Muay Thai Vacation in Thailand.

Gina Carano and Master Toddy – The Beginning

By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | December 30, 2014

This November we hosted a reunion of Master Toddy’s old students at the Academy. I took the opportunity to sit down with Master Toddy and Dick James and asked them what it was like back in the early days of Gina Carano and Fight Girls.

Former Prime Minister of Thailand presents “Best Fight of the Night” trophy to Katy Farrell

By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | October 30, 2014

Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy proudly presents Katy Farrell, who won all her fights so far by knockout. This time she went 5 grueling rounds to win by decision… and afterwards won the Most Exciting Fight award, presented by the former Prime Minister of Thailand!

Muay Thai Techniques and Secrets – The Eyes of the Tiger as a Key Technique

By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | October 9, 2014

One of the key Muay Thai techniques that we learn at Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy is the “Eye of the Tiger”… No, we don’t sing a popular 80s tune, although you’re probably singing it in your head already. We practice “Tiger Eyes” – stare your opponent down, see who blinks first. Build confidence. Intimidate. Don’t…

Rajadamnern Stadium Fight Night – Master Toddy’s Fighters Dominate at Ratchadamnoen

By Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy | October 2, 2014

Two of our warriors – Jesse and Tu – fought this Sunday (September 28th) at Bangkok’s legendary Rajadamnern Stadium (Ratchadamnoen Stadium). Spectators who paid 2000 THB to watch the fights that night saw our fighters beating their opponents by TKO, Tu in the 3rd round and Jesse in the 4th round.