Sun 17 Jul 22 | Live Start at 5 pm Bangkok Time 


Am Dieselnoi
the king of Knee and of course I believe in Knee techniques and if the Thai girl can grab hold off Ranini she will beat her with the Knee that I will train her and I will be
in the Thai girl corner. The knee fighter
not believe in punch the knee will win ??

Am Yodsanan
a world champion wba boxing. I believe in fist punch, i like Ranini punching style and I believe that Ranini will beat the thai girl knee.
I bet on Ranini ??

Rising Stars start from England Manchester the first center of Muay Thai in Britain By Grand Master Toddy who thought how we are going to have champion if you don’t have competition and regularly perform fight.

We were very successful organizing monthly fights in Manchester. All the gyms around the UK have sent their fighters to start their future since 1977. At this time, it was called interclub.

In that time all my champions owned their own gym and brought many fighters. They were Lisa Haword, Keith Nathan, Ajarn Jeff Bullock, Ronni Green, Ajarn Harry Warbuton, Russ Williams, Howord Brown and many more. People were coming from all over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Every month we had fun, went together to have some meals and make friends by bringing students to participate in the promotion. A lot of them are now world champions and gym owners all over England.

Then I moved to Las Vegas, America. I started it again, but this time we call Rising Stars unbelievable. We even had some fighters from ufc looking for some stand up experience to fight in our promotion. Believe me or not many world champions in America right now come from my rising stars. Kevin Ross, Gina Carano and many more. Now they have become very famous and they were born from the Rising Stars.

Now that I have come to Thailand. I feel very sorry for a lot of foreigners who come to train and fight in Thailand who had a missed match and face an opponent who is not of the same level of experience. That’s why I am starting Rising Star again so that fighters can have a fair fight and a good fight record.

Rising Stars is for everyone. Any fighter will have the chance to enter and fight in the Rising Stars Promotion.

We will bring all the stars together. Finally, it will be a reality show like fight girl tv show.

Gina Carano and many stars came from Rising Stars and you will be the next star.


From Cambodia

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Rising Stars