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The olden Thai way of becoming a Muay Thai instructor
In Muay Thai there are step of professional level of instructor
Mostly like fighter we call senior and Junior

When a fighter retires and they always come back to the gym and teaching we will call coach
When he start put up the pad and training people with the pad and coaching we will call trainer

When trainer become more experience and more responsible in running the business and take fighter to fight and manage the purse of the fighter they become KRU and have his own gym.

To become a certified Ajarn /Master you must follow the MTIA guidelines and be graded to be invited to become an Ajarn/Master of the

 Muay Thai. Below are the requirements
1. You must be Kru for at least 2 Years
You must own your own school
All your students must be graded under MTIA regularly
All your students have MTIA License Book
Every year must hold instructor license
Send us your number of students each year
  Video of you teaching different classes example fighter class, children’s class etc,
8. Teaching your trainer how to hold pads
Instructing/Teaching your trainer how to do private lessons.
Must have student(s) ranked in the World Ranking of Muay Thai Fighters

Benefits of becoming an Ajarn
Ajarn/Master can grade students up to 10th grade.
Learn to improve your students/fighters timing and accuracy
Learn how to train the students/fighters to find ‘pocket’ (target) in all situations.
Learn how best to ‘sharpen’ your students/fighters reaction time.
Receive training and qualification for Referee and Judge.

Receive a promoter license: you will be able to promote professional fight events (You must contact the authority in your city for the rules and regulations for hosting fight events.)
Learn Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong.
Learn how to set up Muay Thai Seminars and what you need to cover for each seminars.

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