Rajadamnern Stadium Fight Night – Master Toddy’s Fighters Dominate at Ratchadamnoen

Two of our warriors – Jesse and Tu – fought this Sunday (September 28th) at Bangkok’s legendary Rajadamnern Stadium (Ratchadamnoen Stadium). Spectators who paid 2000 THB to watch the fights that night saw our fighters beating their opponents by TKO, Tu in the 3rd round and Jesse in the 4th round.


At Rajadamnern Stadium’s website you can see the results of that evening’s fights (classically mis-spelled of course…), and here is a video taken ringside of Jesse’s victory by elbowing his opponent’s head into a blood-spurting fountain.

Here’s what Master Toddy had to say about these spectacular fights:

Rajadamnern Stadium is considered to be the greatest Mecca of Muay Thai.  Not only do people travel half way across the world just to watch a fight, but every fighter dreams of getting their chance to fight in that stadium.  Careers are born, and die within that seven meter by seven meter ring, Rajadamnern Stadium is a place where legends are born.

My uncle is one of the biggest promoters in Thailand, he was one such person born in Rajadamnern Stadium as a Promoter. I used to run around watching my uncle handling all of the tasks required for a big fight to ensure it went flawlessly.  When my uncle, Tieeamboom Interabud, brought Kung Fu, Karate, Wrestling, and Kick Boxing to fight against Muay Thai fighters it all happened at Rajadamnern Stadium including some of the biggest international boxing fights.


Fighting and winning at Rajadamnern Stadium is a goal for many Muay Thai fighters



Rajadamnern Stadium is world renowned for its great match making and high standards placed on their fighters including strict rules regulating their haircuts, facial hair, grooming requirements, and weight requirements.  This is largely in part because the audience is always filled with professionals with 40-50 years experience and the knowledge to see a mismatch quickly.  If there is a mismatch, bottles will fly!


Of course Jesse and Tu are our rising stars, they both had the dream of fighting and winning in Rajadamnern Stadium. Jesse and Tu are well known throughout Thailand, now they’ve made it, both winning with elbow strike KO’s in not just one round but with three or four full action packed rounds. Jesse’s fight ended with his opponent being KO’d and achieving one of the bloodiest fights in Rajadamnern Stadium’s history with Jesse’s opponent spurting blood more than a foot from a head wound from two expertly placed elbow strikes. Nobody’s seen this from a foreigner at Rajadamnern Stadium in a long time, if ever!


Now they’ve made it onto the Rajadamnern Stadium fight scene and it looks like they’ll be fighting in this Mecca not just once, but every month!


Written by Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy