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People's Testimonies

“For many years I HAVE DREAMED about GOING TO MASTER TODDY´s Gym and have a go at MUAY THAI. I WAS LUCKY enough TO MEET the LEGEND himself, and he was SO FRIENDLY and KIND. MASTER TODDY and all the staff really MADE US FEEL WELCOME.”
- Asgeir J.

"My husband does some recreational MUAY THAI at home and WANTED a REAL THAI EXPERIENCE during our VACATION in Thailand. That REALLY worked out at MASTER TODDY's! We were welcomed VERY FRIENDLY and the private lesson with Korn was GREAT! Also, VERY QUICK response to E-MAILS and a good explanation of the private lesson before BOOKING."
- Suzanne V.

“Master Toddy Muay Thai is an AUTHENTIC gym, with SKILLED TRAINERS who make sessions FUN FOR ALL, no matter what your skill or FITNESS level is. If you want to TRY out MUAY THAI while you are in Bangkok, don't go anywhere else.” - Emma S.

"MASTER TODDY Academy is a GREAT PLACE to start or GET ADVANCED Muay Thai TRAINING. All the INSTRUCTORS are very PROFESSIONAL and very KNOWLEDGEABLE. I RECOMMEND this training for anyone INTERESTED in LEARNING Muay Thai."
- Jon B.

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PHETCHABURI MUAY THAI CAMP Come visit our new floating Muay Thai camp right on the beach! That’s right, if you’re looking for an escape from the city come visit us at our new Phetchaburi Muay Thai camp just outside of Bangkok. Located in the country side of Thailand, you can travel to the famous Tourist…
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Phetchaburi Accommodation & Updates

ACCOMMODATION 5 YEARS EDUCATION VISA Visas TRAIN BY LEGENDS • WE HAVE OVER 10 ROOMS• WINE BAR• GYM FACILITIES• SHOP• LAKE – PLACE TO RELAX, FISHING AND SWIMMING Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy PETCHABURI, THAILAND BRANCH Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy (Petchaburi Branch) “Master Toddy Builds this for an Hard core Training, so he makes…
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Private Lesson | Kids Class Self-Defense Training

Special Course For KIDS We would like to teach your kid to be smart, learn self-defense and Muay Thai. Street smart self-defense will teach you how to take care and protect yourself. Especially a girl will know how to handle with stranger because Master Toddy himself taught Politician’s children in the United States. We will…
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I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to adopt your Muay Thai Curriculum into my school. As you know I was very hesitant in doing so as it was totally different to what I have been teaching. Since we first met in 2009 when you visited my school in Sydney Australia you showed and…
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