Spreading the Art of Muay Thai to Indonesia

Bringing Muay Thai to Indonesia has been an important part of Master Toddy’s vision; so for the first time ever Master Toddy visited Batam, Indonesia to take part in the grand opening of the new academy.

The day consisted of seminars throughout the weekend, mainly focusing on controlled sparring techniques and the very basics of Muay Thai.

It kicked off with a children’s session, where they learnt the very basics of Muay Thai in a fun and controlled environment

Alongside Master Toddy was our very own Ajarn Sing, who is an accomplished fighter and experienced instructor in his own right.

The two brought their wealth of knowledge to over 100 people over the weekend, from all different backgrounds of Martial Art.

Master Toddy says, “It was a pleasure meeting and training you all and thank you for making my first time in Indonesia so welcoming. It has been an honour to help spread the art of Muay Thai and I am looking forward to see what the future holds for Muay Thai in Indonesian.”

Ajarn Sing will be staying in Batam to help train and develop the gym for at least one month. For more information and to get in contact with the Indonesian gym, go to http://mastertoddyindonesia.com