Arjarn Ali Yassini Experience with Master Toddy:

“Master Toddy’s Muay Thai System is a great way to implement a system which includes the Muay Thai teaching as well as the knowledge of growing your Muay Thai school.

By establishing and following Grand Master Toddy’s teaching style and his knowledge of running a successful Muay Thai gym, you will be amazed by the outcome of his method of teaching and running a business. In 2011, as a Canadian Immigrant, I opened my own gym in Canada, utilizing Master Toddy’s Muay Thai system.

Although I had no experience of how to run a business in Canada, I decided to follow Grand Master Toddy’s advice on how to teach and how to do business.

At the beginning, it was a little bit tuff since Canadians had little knowledge of Grand Master Toddy or even the art of Muay Thai, so I tried to follow the steps that Master Toddy gave me, such as: how to approach and talk to your first lead student, how to teach classes to beginners, intermediate and advance levels, how to make a plan to teach during the week days, how to promote students and so much more …….and it worked well. 

His advice worked out amazing. Today we are a very well-known Muay Thai gym in Ontario, Canada and we have many students, all of which I am very proud of.  All of our students are respectful, loyal and friendly and I love sharing my knowledge with them on the art of Muay Thai.

At the end, I humbly thank Great Grand Master Toddy for all his supports over the years. To me, he is more than a teacher, he is my great mentor & friend and brother. God bless him and his loved ones.”

 – Ajarn Ali Yassini –

ZenQuest Martial Arts Club

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