Muay Thai With Monks! Temple Training in Thailand

Master Toddy here.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone in the whole world who wished me a Happy Birthday. I had a very good time and I have something incredible to give to everyone.

Over the weekend I was invited to meet a Buddhist monk at his temple… I did not want to meet him initially. It was my birthday weekend, I wanted to go hunting! I didn’t want to spend it at a Buddhist temple… but someone said that I must go because this monk has Muay Thai fighters, and that he had invited me personally. 

Buddhism, spiritualism, it all comes together with training Muay Thai in Thailand…

So I went after my hunting. First I walked into this place, and I must say that it was amazing. “Wow!” I said to myself. This place is so big… There were over 2000 policemen there. They had all come to guard the king of Thailand for coronation day.


Can you imagine the temple has over 2,000 places for people? And plenty of more space for others… I went there and the monk was so far away, and a long line of people between him and me… everyone was waiting to meet this monk, including some very important people in Thailand.


But when I arrived they took me straight to him, passing everyone in the queue… he started talking to me and we exchanged experiences of Muay Thai with each other! I couldn’t believe it. My wife almost fainted when I shook his hand… in Thailand you are not supposed to touch a monk!


This monk is so open-minded… and he actually has a lot of good Muay Thai fighters. He told me that 10 years ago he was like a gangster. He had to become a monk, and from nothing he built one of the biggest worshiping places I had ever seen… by himself! Everything he says is so positive, I was very impressed by this. That’s why he did everything he wanted.

Only at Master Toddy’s you can come train Muay Thai at a Buddhist temple and fight the monk’s fighters!

Thousands of people go to visit him now every week. He told me that if you think positive you can do anything… and I challenged him, I said “my fighters will fight your fighters!”
He accepted! But then I said on one condition, that you don’t bless your fighters! He laughed so hard and said, “can I bless them just a little bit?”

So we are going to set up a fight and we will go train Muay Thai at a Buddhist temple… that is my birthday gift to everyone!


Written by Thohsaphon Sitiwatjana