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All training and accommodation must be booked in advance via email, phone or stopping by the office. We will require a deposit to secure your place with us, which is easily payable via online banking or PayPal.

Arrival and Departure

It is very simple to get a reliable taxi from the airport, just follow the signs that direct you to the taxi rank outside. Only take a taxi that uses a meter, the total cost to reach the academy should be less than 450 THB ($14) total. Please note: there is a standard 50THB charge above meter price for taking a taxi from the airport, and additional fees for using the highway.

If you’ve booked accommodation with us in advance, your room will be prepared and unlocked for you no matter what time you arrive. The gym does not have a curfew, please be respectful of the neighbours and other students if arriving late at night. Please come see us first thing during office hours so that we can register you.

When departing from the gym, please remember that Bangkok has two airports so you get to the right one: Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Don Muang (DMK). We will be happy to order a taxi for you if you tell us a day in advance.

To book train tickets you must either go directly to the train station or use a travel agent. Online booking directly from Thailand Railways is not possible.

Living at the Academy in Thailand

Drinking Water

You can get bottles of water at the shop around the corner from the gym, which you can re-use by filling up via the drinking water machine at the gym.

Toilet Paper

You will get soap and toilet paper each time we clean your room. Please do not flush the paper down the toilet. You can purchase more toilet paper at any convenience store near the gym.

Pharmacies and Hospitals

There is a well-stocked pharmacy on Bearing 8, near Fantasia Spa (marked on the map above). Bangkok has many good pharmacies in every neighborhood.

Srinakarin Hospital at the end of Lasalle (Sukhumvit 105) is the closest hospital to us.There is a clinic on Bearing Soi 11 (marked on the map above).There is a good dentist located right next to Bearing BTS called MOS Dental Clinic.

Personal Belongings

Keep your passport and other valuables safely locked in your room. We have never, ever had a case of theft.

People at the Academy

At any given time, the gym will have a combination of both long-term and short-term students from around the world, so you’ll find it easy to go and experience more of Bangkok with someone else training here! Our awesome office staff are also up for going out and can also show you some of their favourite places.


One of the main reasons to come to Thailand is the excellent food! There are several food carts servicing the academy throughout the day. Otherwise, there are several local eateries in the vicinity of the academy that serve excellent Thai and Western food.

In the image above, we have pin pointed some of our favourite eateries nearby. To try some of Bangkok’s fancier food options, take the BTS to any of the central stations and take your pick. Soi 11 (off Nana) has some excellent restaurants to choose from, including Thai, American, Australian, Italian, Argentinian, New Zealand, Japanese and Mexican restaurants.


There is a small kitchen at the academy, with a twin hob for those who wish to cook their own food. Fresh ingredients can be picked up at the markets nearby, including the area surrounding Imperial World and at the Big C supermarket located within the Imperial World Shopping Center.

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

There are many convenience stores around Bangkok, including a 24/7 Family Mart five minutes’ walk from the academy. There’s a Big C supermarket at Imperial World which is much bigger and generally cheaper than the 24/7 mini marts. Bangkok offers many different types of supermarkets, such as Tops Market, Big C, Tesco Lotus, Villa Market, 7/11 and more.

Necessities and Money


Your passport is your ID, keep it safe. It is recommended to walk around with a photocopy of your passport in Thailand. Make sure your passport is valid for the entire duration of your stay in Thailand.


It is necessary to obtain a visa before entering Thailand. Some nationalities can get visa-on-arrival at the airport, but this will generally be for a shorter period of time and more difficult to extend. For tourist visas, we strongly suggest that you make inquiries at your nearest Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate. For more information, contact your local Thai embassy or consulate.

For long-term students we can provide 1-5 years ED visa. For more information see our Education Visa FAQ page.

Dependent on what Visa you are on, we may be able to help you extend once you’re here. Please come and speak to us in the office for more information.


It is advisable to bring a combination of cash (USD, EUR, GBP can all be exchanged easily to THB) and credit card (Visa/Master Card). You will need your passport to change money.

While local ATMs are still the best way to access funds, you’ll be charged a 200THB fee each time on top of what your bank may charge.

Here at Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy, we accept cash (THB, USD, EUR, GBP) or credit card (Visa/Master Card with 5% surcharge). We can also accept payments in advance via Bank transfer or PayPal (with 5% surcharge).

Behavior, Safety and Culture in Thailand

Thailand is a safe country, If you follow your common sense and do some research before coming to Thailand. Here’s a few things you should know before you arrive:

  • Never ever speak bad about the Thailand Royal Family or mistreat a picture of the King (including Thai Baht bills). Expect to stand up in movie theaters before the movie begins to pay respect for the King of Thailand.
  • Ensure you dress appropriately for temples and public offices.
  • Feet are considered to be the lowliest part of the human body in Thailand, so never point them at people. The head is the most sacred part of the human body, so never touch people’s heads.
  • Never get into fights with Thai people. You will undoubtedly quickly be outnumbered and dealt with.
  • Don’t perform public displays of affection

Muay Thai Fights

Sundays are the best option for good, free Muay Thai fights at Channel 7. To get there on time leave the gym at 11:00 AM, take the BTS to Mo Chit, and ask for “Chang 7” or “Channel 7 Muay Thai”. After the fights you can walk or take a motorbike taxi to Chatuchak (JJ) park and market.

Wednesdays have free Fight Night at MBK (get off at National Stadium BTS station). Lumpinee and Rajadamnern are the most famous stadiums, but be prepared to shell out $100 USD for tickets. They have fights during the week as well as weekends. Check out their websites for schedules, or visit this page. Generally, Rajadamnern has fights Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Lumpinee on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Live Muay Thai Fights on Thailand TV

Sunday – Channel 7, exciting fights! Starts at 1 PM.Saturday – Channel 3, starts 11:30 AMChannel 7, 9, starts 1:30 PM.
Click here for more live and TV shows.

Exploring Bangkok

Use your spare time to discover Bangkok. There will always be people at the gym to go exploring with.The academy is situated just a short 20 minute walk/5 minute motor taxi ride from BTS Bearing (Bangkok Skytrain), which can take you right into the centre of Bangkok. The BTS is the best way to get around Bangkok, especially during the day when traffic is heavy. The MRT is the subway and also very useful – it connects to the BTS system at Asok and Mo Chit stations.

If you decide to take a taxi, make sure you get one that uses the meter. Taxi drivers license will be displayed on the dash in front of the passenger’s seat. It may be advisable to take a picture of it in case of any disagreement over price, or lost items so that you can trace the driver/car.

Taxi drivers are generally trustworthy. However there are taxi drivers that will ‘try it on’ and try charging you extra for the journey. Check your change from the taxi driver.The best way to travel short distances in Bangkok without getting stuck in traffic is with a motorbike taxi. Just around the corner from the Academy there is a motorbike taxi stand. It is 20THB to get to the Bearing BTS station or Imperial World Shopping Mall.

Motorized Tuk-Tuks can be cheaper than motorbike taxis if in a group. If you get one in central Bangkok, it will often give you inflated prices so negotiating is advised.

We recommend picking an area and exploring as there is so much choice in Bangkok! There is good nightlife, restaurants and generally more happening in the Thong Lo, Ekkamai and Nana areas, while Siam is great for shopping. However, you will find shopping malls and markets all over Bangkok, including Chatachuk weekend market (right by Mo Chit BTS Station) which is definitely worth a visit.

If you fancy going to the cinema, get a massage or go for a nice cup of tea or coffee, you’re spoilt for choice as there is an abundance of all of these throughout Bangkok.

Bearing Area and Samut Prakan

There is plenty to explore along Bearing (Sukhumvit 107) and Lasalle (Sukhumvit 105) roads, with plenty of restaurants, cafes, food markets and more. Our neighborhood is generally quieter, cleaner, cheaper and in general a more authentic Thai experience than the touristy areas such as Nana or Khao San road.

Close by are the following tourist attractions:

  • Erawan Museum
  • Ancient City (Muang Boran)
  • Bangpoo Resort (excellent non-expensive seaside dining and bird watching)

The nearest swimming pool to the academy is only 1.8km away, with nice atmosphere on Lasalle 27. You can find directions on the map below.

If you’re interested in getting a Sak Yant tattoo, we may be able to help you as we know a tattooist who specializes in this. Please come in and ask us so a convenient time can be arranged.

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