We are very honoured to be a representative of the Thailand Government’s, Ministry of Education. It took us a number of years to prove to the Thailand Government that our teaching system is up to international standards. We are now classed as a University, and therefore you are eligible to receive the exact same type of visa as a student in any one of Thailand’s top universities receives.


Master Toddy

You can directly contact Master Toddy himself to this info:

email: ggmt@gmail.com
Contact:   (+66) 8 4 902 0248

If you’re Foreigner, you just have to call 02-743-3371 her name is Put she’s professional and she can speak English, well enough to explain to you, on how to have an opportunity to train Muay Thai with 5 years visa. If you’re still in your country and if you want to apply, apply 1st and we will send you a letter, so you can have an ED VISA right away before you come, so you don’t need to get out to other country to apply.
Unique opportunity for you to do what you love, which is Muay Thai, at the same time you can have VISA as well.

P-put: +66 2 7433 371