What’s New- Training and Courses

Course Packages

Instructor Course:

This is a five-day intensive course, designed to optimise your learning and training experience. Master Toddy has over fifty years’ experience himself and has the very best instructors who have had over 300 fights each, the step by step system is the best way to take your Muay Thai journey to the next level, while saving you time and money.




Grade 1 – Yellow prajied
Grade 2 – Green prajied
Grade 3 – Blue prajied
Footwork styles
Guard positions
Face Defence


Participants will learn to teach drills using the following equipment:
Focus mitts
Focus mitt and Boxing glove
Thai pad and Focus mitt



Grade 4 – Blue prajied with brown stripe
Grade 5 – Brown prajied
Grade 6 – Brown prajied with red stripe


Participants will learn to teach drills using the following equipment:
Focus mitts
Focus mitt and Boxing glove
Thai pad and Focus mitt



Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Clinch training with Thai fighters
Ram muay – Wai Kru and the meaning behind it


The art of the leg kick
Participants will learn to teach with the following equipment:
Cobra shield
Double Thai pad and Focus mitt



The focus of this session lies on the business aspects of running a gym. Master Toddy will give valuable and detailed advice, to ensure that all participants leave the Kru course with all the required skills and knowledge to set up and run a successful gym.

Details include the following:
How to structure a range of different classes to suit all abilities– Beginner– Fighter– Children– Women’s only

Customer service and front of house management, even how to answer the phone!

How to teach sparring sessions that ensure that students improve their technique and avoid injury


Two of the most important things an instructor can learn:
The five big reasons to keep your students motivated and how to make sure they keep coming back for more.

Bag work



Go over everything that has been taught so far:
Drill how to do grading

Basic referee training, provided by a professional referee (this will provide participants with an extra qualification, giving them a competitive advantage over other instructors)


Drill all kinds of padwork with professional fighters

Q&A session

Certification Ceremony
Presentation of:
– Certificate from Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy, MTIA and the Thai Ministry of Education
– Referee certificate (If applicable)
– Mongkol
– Prajied
– Instructor handbook
– DVD set

​One Week Intensive Courses:

Each of the following courses are designed to help improve specific aspects of your training, learning proper techniques and giving you plenty of homework to take away with you until you visit us the next time!


Boxing Course

Our Boxing Course is a formatted system that is simple to understand to improve your skill set and be able to teach.

Grand Master Toddy got into boxing at a young age and has previously done pad work with Mike Tyson, as well as training Ross ‘The Boss’ Minter and Lamon Brewster, so you will be trained at a high standard. Furthermore, your fitness and stamina will improve greatly.


Front Kick Course

What you will learn:
1. Angles of attack
2. Being first
3. Stopping your opponent’s attack at the root of their technique
4. Redirection and tricks
5. Proper timing and distance to create perfect power and effectiveness
6. Countering


Round Kick Course

There are over 10 variations of powerful and destructive round kicks.

This course is a must have to sharpen your skills so you are the most accurate and efficient when you are setting your kick up, timing it and crushing your opponent.

You will be taught how, why and when to use these devastating round kicks to get maximum results and outcome.


Knee Course

Train with the legend of brutal knees, Diesel Noi, to develop destructive knees for self-defence and competition.

This course is the perfect way to develop, maintain and add to your arsenal the very lethal, effective and feared knees of Muay Thai. All knees are taught with and without clinching.


Elbow Course

All other Martial Arts fear the Muay Thai elbow! It can be devastating and many champions have won by elbow knock out.

Our very own Ajarn Kwang is the 'King of elbows' and has over 800 fights. Through this course, you will learn different types of elbows, how to execute them correctly and when they should be used.


K.O. Course

We are famous for fight camps and preparation.

This course is designed to set up the best and most likely combos to deliver crushing blows and down your opponent.

We are proud to say that many champions globally, from different Martial Arts backgrounds have come to train with us to prepare themselves before their fights.

Professionals such as Randy “The Natural” Couture, Stephan Bonnar, Tito Ortiz, Gina Carano, Georges St. Pierre, Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross and Ronnie Green have all trained with Master Toddy.

Classes and Private Lessons:

Whether you're staying with us or live nearby, we have plenty of classes for you to join and to accompany our other courses so you get the best training possible. See what classes you'd like to join below.


Muay Thai Private Lessons

You will train under the Great Grand Master Toddy team, where each of our instructors have been personally selected by Master Toddy himself.

Our well-known system is easy to follow, ensuring that you get the best and most authentic training in a controlled environment.

Before you jump into a class, you will first have a 2 hour lesson, one-on-one with one of our instructors so we can see what level you’re at and so you learn the fundamentals of our system.

The combination of what’s included in our system has produced over 40 champions to date.


Muay Thai Class

Our group sessions include a mix of pad work, bag work, and sparring, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to increase their Muay Thai skills and overall fitness.

Pad Work- working on excellent timing and technique
Bag Work- every routine we teach is guaranteed to improve technique and stamina
Sparring- what you learn here will be second to none. Learning and practicing techniques in a controlled manner

We have weekly, monthly and yearly packages available and the sessions run 6 days a week.


Krabi Krabong

An ancient weapons-based Martial Art originating from Thailand that focuses on the curved sword (Krabi) and staff (Krabong).

Royal bodyguards of Thailand’s Royal family are said to be highly trained in this Martial Art.


Children's Class

Get your kid’s away from the TV to come and train with us! They will be taught self-defence, self-discipline and respect, all in a fun and enjoyable lesson planned by Grand Master Toddy himself.

During these sessions, they will also learn how to deal with bullies and be taught about being street smart.


Muay Boran

This was originally developed for self-defence for use in the Siamese army and is still taught to the Thai Royal army today.

Many of our instructors grew up fighting on the streets of Thailand, where there are no rules, allowing their more advanced and extreme skills of Muay Boran to be showcased. You will see that it is the most enjoyable and one of the best forms of self-defence in the world.


Muay Kaad Chuek- Coming soon...

Grand Master Toddy and Ajarn Kwang are both extremely experienced with street fighting and the bare knuckle fighting style of Bangkok.

Ajarn Kwang himself has had over 300 Bare Knuckle fights! They will share their experience and knowledge with you, enabling you to learn more quickly which will save you time and money in the long run.


Muay Thai for MMA - Coming soon...

Learn how to train Muay Thai to fight in MMA. Master Toddy’s previous experience speaks for itself having trained many MMA and UFC fighters, such as Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Stephan Bonnar and Gina Carano.

You must adapt all your weapons for closer distance and sharper footwork. In addition, you will also be taught to best position your body for the right attack and defence, and preparing yourself to turn at angles so you are always at the optimum advantage. We know how to win!

We also have newly renovated accommodation, so you can relax in comfort whilst you train with us. You will have your own private room with ensuite just steps away from the ring, so you're prepared for training no matter what!

See our accommodation and meal plan blog, so you can decide what room you want to stay in and what food you can have whilst you stay with us.