The Authentic muay Thai Training

Great Grand Master Toddy over 50 Years of experience in teaching. OUR Academy teach step by step, grade by grade not same same every day. from the beginning to the world class fighter and to be a certified Instructor.

how can i start ?

At master toddy’s academy we require that new students participate I a private 1 on 1 training so we can gauge their level. Those new to Muay Thai are encouraged to take our Fundamentals course private lesson, an extensive experience where you will be taught the fundamentals of Muay Thai and our curriculum, upon completion you will receive a certificate verifying your knowledge and effort.

First you will learn 11 cobra set of punch is different kind of punch and where to land how to hit pad or bag correctly

You also learn different kinds of footwork, kicks, knees and elbows step by step

Its very important to understand how to breath while you are exercising and striking, this will make your fitness better in general

We will teach you how to use handwraps and attack different targets. Also know how to hit the different styles of heavy bags in an enjoyable and efficient way.

We also give some homework to practice at home to keep you flexible, fit and capable

Your homework practice will make you come back to train and learn faster

The fundamentals of footwork, offense and defense for Muay Thai as well as rhythm and timing are all necessary to take your Muay Thai journey to the next level

The best thing is you have to book a first private lesson, one on one with the Master.


premium instructor course

about Master Toddy

Here at Master Toddy’s Gym in Thailand you will love our training system! our instructors are experts at teaching proper technique, finding your weak points and improving them and making you success. Most importantly, you will enjoy training, and you will never want to leave Thailand! Master Toddy’s Bangkok Gym is certified by the Ministry of Education of the Thailand Government and the Muay Thai International Association. Whether you are an experienced fighter or completely new to Muay Thai, at Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy in Bangkok you will rise to the next level and realize your full potential! Our gym has a variety of equipment if you want to practice your knees, you choose our Dieselnoi Bag, if you practice boxing use our teardrop bag. and if you want to learn sweep round house kick you go to our banana bag so it’s not just one bag for everything you will more accuracy and enjoy more training.

If you want fastsharp and effective course we have  special courses


One Week Course
Only $250

round house kick

One Week Course
Only $250


One Week Course
Only $250


One Week Course
Only $250

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