• Gina Carano

  • Randy Couture

  • John Wayne Parr

  • Tito Ortiz

  • Bob Sapp

  • Ronnie Green

And Many More!

A Rich History

Master Toddy, a Muay Thai legend, has shaped champions worldwide.

In 1975, he moved to England, revolutionizing Muay Thai and training champions. By 1993, he established "Master Toddy's U.S. Muay Thai Center" in Las Vegas.

Returning to Thailand in 2009, he founded "Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy," now accredited by the Thai government, inspiring the global Muay Thai community.

The Academy

Master Toddy’s school blends dedication with tradition, welcoming students of all levels.

Experience a complete Muay Thai journey with on-site living and authentic Thai cuisine. Train where champions are made and let Master Toddy’s vision inspire you both in and out of the ring.

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